The Trump Toolbox

If you’re on your company’s government affairs team, you probably spend a lot of time explaining the ins and outs of government to your colleagues. Oftentimes, that involves making PowerPoint slides.

At National Journal, we launched our Presentation Center to alleviate that hassle. Our team of experts combs through news and analysis and delivers it in concise, editable, visually appealing slides. Our members can then add their logo and use those slides in their own presentations, newsletters, or briefings. We cover topics from technology, to taxes, to transportation, and create hundreds of slides each week.

This year, one of our most popular decks has been the Trump Administration Toolbox. Updated weekly, the Toolbox is packed with important information about the administration.

It begins by recapping important news from the previous week.

Next, it details the personnel in Trump’s cabinet and tracks the progress of his nominations.

It then gives several indicators of the administration’s performance, including approval polls, legislative achievements, and a list of resignations/dismissals.

Lastly, it explains the administration’s position and progress on the following issues:

  •      Agriculture
  •      Budget
  •      Cybersecurity
  •      Criminal justice
  •      Defense
  •      Energy and the environment
  •      Education
  •      Finance
  •      Health care
  •      Immigration
  •      Infrastructure
  •      International relations
  •      Tax, labor, and the economy
  •      Technology

It seems that the only thing missing from the Toolbox is a list of the president’s most recent tweets. But, of course, we’d provide that if our members asked.

If you want to download a sample of the Trump Administration Toolbox, click here.