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Smart questions to ask in a new leadership role

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In any new role, it’s important to have a strategic approach to how you’ll perform.  In a leadership position, there’s even more riding on your shoulders. Rather than simply taking each day as it comes, without any forethought regarding your personal  management style and potential information needs, we recommend seeking answers to the questions below.

Question 1

Is your role clearly defined, with an unambiguous reporting structure?

Question 2

Have you been given specific goals that are aligned to your organization’s overall strategy?

Question 3

Do you have a mentor who is an experienced executive leader with government affairs, advocacy, lobbying, or communications experience?

Question 4

Does your office have a documented mission statement with which all of your team members are familiar?

Question 5

Are your team members’ roles clearly defined, communicated, and understood by each member?

Question 6

Are crisis procedures (for communications, decision-making, and stakeholder management) documented and rehearsed at each appropriate level?

These questions and the insights they help uncover may not  guarantee your long-term success, but they will give you a stronger foundation for adding more value earlier in your new position.

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